The table has held a significant role in our church from the very beginning. We believe the table moves us UP, IN, and OUT together. There are three primary expressions of the table for our parish: Table Groups, Community Dinner, and Welcome to Englewood Dinner.


In creating Table Groups we are giving people opportunities to connect on a deeper level. This fall we have three Table Groups for our church to connect to each other on a regular basis. CLICK HERE for locations and meeting times for our Table Groups. 


Our Community Dinners will continue to be our monthly "family reunion" table where everyone gets together to catch up and build new friendships. We ask that you would please bring a side to share. Invite someone to join you. Neighbors, kids, and coworkers are always welcome. 


Our Welcome to Englewood Dinner serves two purposes: (1) It welcomes new people to our church in a highly relational context at the home of Nathan & Julie Hoag, our parish pastors and (2) It establishes connections for people to participate in an ongoing Table Group with The Sacred Grace Englewood. CLICK HERE to RSVP for the next Welcome to Englewood Dinner.