The churches of The Sacred Grace are unified with shared vision, values, and rhythms. Together they participate in the same teaching series based on the seasons of the Church calendar. Each church is unique in its' expression of the shared values of worship, community, and service. 


tuesdays at 7pm

Since our beginnings in 1993, our primary gatherings have been on Tuesday nights. We meet right in the middle of our week, our faith intersecting with everyday life. We meet to reorient our hearts and reorder our lives around following the way of Jesus together. At TNL you are accepted just as you are. 


sundays at 5pm

Whether you live, worship, or work in Englewood, our hope is to help you follow the way of Jesus in all areas of your life. We are committed to doing this together through prayer, worship gatherings, community dinners, and opportunities to serve in our neighborhood. We would love to have you join us and be a part of establishing a neighborhood church in Englewood.