Thank You!

THIS YEAR you, your family, And YOUR Friends GAVE over $29,ooo to this year's Christmas Campaign.

AMOUNT GIVEN $29544.71

Our goal is to give $24,ooo THIS YEAR.


Tennyson Center for Children is dedicated to helping children who have experienced severe abuse, neglect, or trauma so they can bravely and safely change their life’s story.

We have a longstanding relationship with Tennyson Center as many of our families have partnered with Tennyson in caring for foster children. We have had several from our churches on staff with Tennyson over the years. In the 14 years that TNL has sponsored Royal Family Kids Camp, many children from Tennyson Center have attended the week-long summer camp where we help create positive memories.

We are honored to partner with Tennyson this Christmas in giving a financial gift of $10,000 to the incredible work they do with neglected and unseen children in our city.


The Sacred Grace was created to be a growing family of neighborhood churches.  With The Sacred Grace Englewood established, we look forward to finding and funding the next parish church.

We continue to grow as an organization financially and organizationally. We saw a 28% increase in contributions from 2015-2016 and project another 20% increase in contributions from 2016-2017. The generosity of so many people to support a family of churches in Denver is deeply encouraging.

We are committed to be a family of churches that provide the important relational, financial, spiritual, and organizational support we believe pastors and churches need. The support that Central Services provides allows our pastors and church leaders to remain focused on ministry and see the people grow in following the way of Jesus. The $10,000 from the Christmas Campaign will go to continue the work of growing a family of churches in Denver that is inviting people to invest their lives and serve others in the neighborhoods they live, work, and play. 

$4,OOO - Acoma improvement fund

Acoma Improvement Fund is for the ongoing renovations of our building that is used by both of our existing parish churches every week. Our building is constantly utilized by other organizations including: Royal Family Kids Camp, the Englewood Homeless Initiative, the Aspen Grove Church Planting Network, and many more.

In 2017 we repainted the entire exterior of the building thanks to the generosity of a donor and over 80 volunteer hours of washing, scraping, taping, and painting. In 2018, we want to continue the renovation of the outdoor space at Acoma.

The outdoor renovation will include: a patio, kids play area, and new parking lot. The total cost will be approximately $50,000. Our plan is to have much of the labor done by volunteers within our churches. We are currently obtaining financing for the entire cost of the outdoor renovation. The $4,000 from the Christmas Campaign will provide the important site work, permits, and plans for the renovation.

We believe these outdoor improvements will be a gift to our parish churches, the city of Englewood, and every organization we welcome into Acoma.  


Text 'thesacredgrace' to 77977. Additional instructions will be sent to you. Select the 'Christmas Campaign' fund.

Click the button below to use your credit or bank card to give. Please select the 'Christmas Campaign' fund from the menu.

Give a donation through an envelope in the metal boxes at Acoma. Make checks to 'The Sacred Grace' with 'Christmas Campaign' in the memo line.

Send checks to 'The Sacred Grace' with 'Christmas Campaign' in the memo line to 3220 S. Acoma Street, Englewood, CO, 80110.