The word “advent” is rooted in a Latin word simply meaning, “coming.” The Advent season starts four Sundays before Christmas and ends on Christmas Eve. We’re invited to not only remember the story anticipating the birth of Jesus, but to also anticipate the continuing story of God in our present and future. The tradition of Advent is to set our minds and hearts on the coming of Christ through the themes of: Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love.


Advent WREAThs

The Advent wreath is a tangible way to participate in Advent in visual and symbolic way. The green wreath reminds us of God's endless mercy and the hope of renewal. and the four candles represent both the four themes of Advent and the four centuries of waiting the birth of Christ. The final candle is lit on Christmas Eve to represent the coming of light into our world. 


Prayer for the four weeks of Advent on the themes of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love. 


Here are songs we are listening to are singing during the season of Advent. The link provides a a Spotify playlist. 


Bishop Elementary Christmas Store - Saturday, DEC 9

This year The Sacred Grace Englewood is helping the parents of Bishop provide a memorable Christmas for their children. Bishop Elementary School is located one block from Acoma, many of the families are under-resourced and Christmas can be a very difficult season for them.  On Saturday, December 9, from 9AM - 2PM we will transform the gym at Bishop into a store filled with Christmas gifts that parents can purchase for $5 each. You can help by donating toys with a $25 or greater value or $25 gift certificates. We also need volunteers on Saturday, December 10, multiple shifts are available. For more information contact Nathan at nathan@thesacredgrace.com

CHRISTMAS EVE at the gothic - SATURDAY, DEC 24

We will celebrate Christmas Eve at the iconic Gothic Theatre on Saturday, December 24, at 7PM. The service will be an hour long filled with songs, the Christmas story, reflections, candles, and prayers. Christmas Eve at the Gothic is a wonderful opportunity to invite friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors to come experience a sacred moment in the holiday season.



Our Christmas Campaign this year will give to 3 significant organizations and projects:

Gift of $10,000 to Tennyson Center for Children

Tennyson Center for Children is dedicated to helping children who have experienced severe abuse, neglect, or trauma so they can bravely and safely change their life’s story. We have a longstanding relationship with Tennyson Center as many of our families have partnered with Tennyson in caring for foster children. We have had several from our churches on staff with Tennyson over the years and in the 14 years that TNL has sponsored Royal Family Kids Camp, many children from Tennyson Center have attended the week-long summer camp where we help create positive memories. 

Gift of $10,000 to helping find and fund a future parish

The Sacred Grace was created to be a growing family of neighborhood churches.  With The Sacred Grace Englewood established, we look forward to finding and funding the next parish church. We are committed to growing a family of churches in Denver that is inviting people to invest their lives in the neighborhoods they live, work, and play.

Gift of $4,000 to continue the improvements at Acoma

In 2017 we repainted the entire exterior of the building thanks to the generosity of a donor and over 80 volunteer hours of washing, scraping, taping, and painting. We have plans to continue the renovation of our facility. The next phase is an outdoor renovation that will include: a patio, kids play area, and new parking lot. The $4,000 from the Christmas Campaign will provide the important site work, permits, and plans for the renovation.