The churches of The Sacred Grace are unified with shared vision, values, and rhythms. Together they participate in the same teaching series based on the seasons of the Church calendar. Each church is unique in its' expression of the shared values of worship, community, and service. 




Since our beginnings in 1993, our primary gatherings have been on Tuesday nights. We meet right in the middle of our week, our faith intersecting with everyday life. We meet to reorient our hearts and reorder our lives around following the way of Jesus together. At TNL you are accepted just as you are. 




Whether you live, worship, or work in Englewood, our hope is to help you follow the way of Jesus in all areas of your life. We are committed to doing this together through prayer, worship gatherings, community dinners, and opportunities to serve in our neighborhood. We would love to have you join us and be a part of establishing a neighborhood church in Englewood.  

Spiritual care in your own backyard

The Sacred Grace is a family of neighborhood churches, partnered together to take responsibility over the spiritual growth and well­being of the neighborhood they call home.

We call them neighborhood churches, but they could also be understood as “parishes”. Historically to have a parish meant to take spiritual responsibility for a geographic area. Learning from the historic Christian tradition, each parish church exists as part of a larger family of churches. 

Our vision is to one day see a parish church in every neighborhood in Denver.

Why is this important? Why now?

"People are moving into [cities] much faster than the church is. Therefore we must call Christians to better understand and care for cities, and we must call more Christians to minister in cities."

(Tim Keller)

As we see people moving to Denver with the desire to align where they live, work and play, we have an opportunity to make a significant impact in the people and neighborhoods of our city.

In a city that is often known for transience we see rootedness in place leading to rootedness in relationships. Our response to increasing globalization is an intentional focus on localization. 

As people who want to love and care for each other there is great benefit in focusing our lives in order to increase our impact.

Neighborhood Churches

Each neighborhood church is committed to exist beyond a weekly service to engage the neighborhood as a whole. The pastor and leaders establish roots in their neighborhood by living in the neighborhood and encourage others, if able, to do the same.

The church establishes shared rhythms and a public presence within the neighborhood. They cultivate partnerships with schools, businesses, and community leaders to work towards the ongoing renewal of the neighborhood.

Each church has the authority and freedom to contextualize ministry to the culture of the neighborhood. A neighborhood with many families may cause a church to focus on developing a ministry to children, while a church in a neighborhood full of artists may include more creative elements in its worship gathering.

Central Services

The Sacred Grace family of neighborhood churches are supported by a leadership and operations team called Central Services.

Central Services is responsible for pastoral health, leadership development, and a shared teaching calendar. Central Services serve the neighborhood churches by providing administrative resources of content management, resource development, accounting, and communications.

Consolidating these functions allows the neighborhood pastor and local leadership teams to focus on the work of neighborhood ministry.


To function as one church family, the foundation is trust among pastoral leadership. Neighborhood pastors invest time praying together, supporting each other, learning from each other, and developing a deep sense of unity. 

The Sacred Grace has a governing Board of Trustees that leads in the oversight of the family of churches. Each neighborhood church is guided by the neighborhood pastor, local elders, and leadership teams.

Nathan Hoag | Parish Pastor, Englewood
Phil Owen | Pastor, Tuesday Night Liturgy (TNL)
Jared Mackey | Executive Director & Lead Pastor, The Sacred Grace