Countless articles have been written recently about the changing landscape of our Denver. The population is swelling, housing is becoming a challenging resource, transportation is a constant concern, and the overall economic growth and cost of living in every corner of Denver is rapidly increasing. People in our city are looking for a place to belong.

Beyond these cultural changes, we hold the conviction that it is in geographic proximity and vulnerable relationship that we tangibly practice Jesus’ command to love and serve one another. The celebrations are sweeter, the tears of suffering are shared, and the burden is lighter within a family of churches.

We believe the parish model is a valuable and viable model now more than ever for the city of Denver.




Since our beginnings in 1993, our primary gatherings have been on Tuesday nights. We meet right in the middle of our week, our faith intersecting with everyday life. We meet to reorient our hearts and reorder our lives around following the way of Jesus together. At TNL you are accepted just as you are. 




Whether you live, worship, work or play in Englewood, our hope is to help you follow the way of Jesus in every area of your life. We do this together through shared rhythms of prayer and worship gatherings (UP), table groups and community dinners (IN), and opportunities to serve our schools, city, and neighbors (OUT). We would love to have you join us and be a part of establishing a neighborhood church in Englewood.




Our newest parish is being established on East Colfax in the 2 square miles west of the Anschutz Medical Campus and south of Stapleton in North Aurora. As the world converges on East Colfax, we desire to be a church that disciples people in the way of Jesus. Our prayer is to see God's Kingdom come to the neighborhoods of East Colfax and North Aurora as it is in heaven. 


In 2015, The Sacred Grace was established as a family of neighborhood churches. The focus of a church in the parish model is the area the church exists in and for. We believe that being a parish is taking both spiritual and social responsibility over a specific geography. It is to answer the call to love our actual neighbors out our front door.

In 2016, The Sacred Grace Englewood was founded on South Broadway and recently celebrated their 2 Year Anniversary. The Englewood City Manager, Englewood City Council, the Englewood Chief of Police, and the Englewood School Superintendent all have affirmed the positive impact The Sacred Grace has had in Englewood in two years.

In 2018, The Sacred Grace East Colfax began cultivating the patient work of planting a parish church on East Colfax in North Aurora. We are establishing the rhythms of prayer, service, and hospitality and committed to the renewal of this culturally diverse and dynamic neighborhood.


We are family of churches following the way of Jesus joining God in the renewal of our lives and our city.

We move UP toward God as Father and King through both public corporate worship environments and personal devotional practices.
We move IN toward healthy relationships with others and ourselves through both vulnerable friendships and opportunities for growth.
We move OUT toward the mission and Kingdom of God through acts of service, generosity, evangelism, and justice.
We hold GRACE as the defining attribute of the character of God. Grace is why we gather, worship, serve, lead, and love one another.


To see God’s Kingdom come to every neighborhood in Denver as it is in heaven.


THE SACRED GRACE is a family of churches that hold to the historic teachings of Christian orthodoxy as expressed in the Apostles Creed. Read our shared beliefs here.

OUR leadership

To function as one church family, the foundation is trust among pastoral leadership. Parish pastors invest time praying, supporting, learning, and leading each other. The Sacred Grace has a governing Board of Trustees that holds the fiduciary responsibility and final authority. Alongside the Board of Trustees our Central Elders provide counsel to the Lead Pastor. The Parish Pastor, along with Parish Elders and Parish Staff, have the authority and responsibility of leading each parish church.

Phil Owen | Pastor, The Sacred Grace TNL
Joe Lloyd III | Parish Pastor, The Sacred Grace East Colfax
Rubèn Rodríguez, Parish Pastor, The Sacred Grace East Colfax
Nathan Hoag | Parish Pastor, The Sacred Grace Englewood
Jared Mackey | Executive Director & Lead Pastor, The Sacred Grace

Dr. Bobby Rinehart | Civil Engineer, US Bureau of Reclamation
Kimba Langas | Co-Founder, Free The Girls
James Abeler III | Founder & Director, Firecore, LLC
Dave Meserve | Director, Urban Skye; Pastor, Highline Community Church
Jason Janz | CEO, Cross Purpose; Pastor, Providence Bible Church
Matt Smith | Principal, Endure Coaching LLC; Director of Education, Nutritional Therapy Association